One More Time Around

Back by popular demand,

The Cure-Rageous Knitters will be staging their come back appearance this Friday night, July 20th at the Eden Prairie Middle School performing all their greatest hits for the
Relay For Life of Eden Prairie

The band of knitters has decided to put their solo careers on hold for this one eventful evening and come together for a *command* (read: Lisa is making us do this) performance for this worthy cause. A few of the faces will be missing and a few faces have changed (This year we remember the sunblock), yet the group remains optimistic that they can hold together this one night for the people.
In a recent run in with one or these wild band of knitters, (who wishes to remain anonymous), was overheard to say "We do this for the peoples, because peoples is peoples, and we are all about the peoples, we love peoples, heck, we is peoples."

This promises to be an event filled evening with all the thrill of standing in a long line at midnight to buy the final chapters in a long running popular book series , only better.

The Cure-Rageous knitters are in top form and will be performing all their hits!
Who can forget such performances as:
No one will be swatching us, why don't we do it into rows! or
Your love is better than I-cord, or
I'm gonna get through this year if it kills me, (see Chris, I listen.) Or
When you come around, or who can forget the ever popular,
Bead it! Bead it good!
and many, many more.

Be there to see the Cure-Rageous knitter do the Monkee walk around the track as they sing "Here we come, walkin down the street..."

Join in the fan fair and visit The Cure-Rageous knitters at their web page.
We'll see you there.

And then there is this: