WARNING: Long meandering post ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. It's the kind of day that makes putting up with all the other weird weather of Minnesota totally worth it. I decided to put up the screen gazebo ( because putting up with mosquito's is just another thing we have to do.) My six year old daughter Kati decided to help me. She said she was having her best day ever. I asked her why was that, she said because last year when Dad put up the tent he wouldn't let her help and he was very cranky. I discovered why a little later what made him so cranky. The tent doesn't quite fit the frame, so it's like trying to put a too short sheet on a mattress. I can get three corners to fit but can't quite get the other corner to fit the way it should. To fix the problem, I would need to take off .25" off of three of frame tubes, unfortunately, I don't have the tools to do this. So for now, I'll just have to live with the tent fitting less than perfect on the frame. Speaking of less than perfect, you may be wondering what has become of Caren's sweater.(And I will tell you, eventually)
It took me a few days of pouting before I could even look at the sweater. I took the sweater with me to the SnB to explain my problem to them, because apparently, I am the only one that was having a problem with the way the shoulders were lined up. As I was driving out there I was feeling moody. I was in the mood to turn the radio up and drive fast. I turned the radio up just as Weezer is on singing " If you want to destroy this sweater, pull this thread as I walk away..." I kid you not. Did I drive fast?, sure, but not for long because I saw the state trooper parked along the road watching for moody knitters in a funk about the sweater they are working on and driving too fast. I used to live in EP I should have remembered that that particular stretch of road is always being monitored. Fortunately, I was already slowing it down so I was not stopped. I accomplished nothing at the SnB everything that I was working on was turning to dust. I ripped out the Rogue I started for my daughter Ani because it was not going to be big enough. It would have fit her but she likes her hoodies to fit loose, so I figure best to start over now before I got to the shoulder's and found a reason to tear it apart. I ran out of yarn on the washcloth I was knitting. It is knit diagonally so I had to rip it back to the half way point to resize it. You see, the first time I thought the cloth was too small so I ripped it back and made it larger except I made it too big and ran out of yarn so now I was ripping it back again, third time a charm? somehow, I doubted it. I left the SnB not having accomplished anything, except for perhaps a lot of grousing. I did enjoy talking with the stitchers though, Amy was decked out in her new TCSnB T-shirt and tote. See

Meleah brought her latest finished sweater. Gloria She should be proud of that, it's very nice. Lisa was wearing her Mojo cap, sorry, I didn't get a picture. Ursala was there also calmly knitting on a baby blanket and smiling to her self as we groused about our knitting misadventures. She would simply say been there, done that.

To add to my discontentment my son's graduation was to be that evening, the weather was threatening rain and neither of his grandparents were going to be attending. They had their reasons for not coming and I understood but I have to admit I was feeling disappointed, not for me so much but for my son, Buck. Just the fact that Buck was able to meet all the requirements for graduation considering all he's been through, especially in the past two years is down right amazing. I'm not the only one who thought so, Buck received an Award and Scholarship for personal achievement.

My son Buck has Autism, he has Asperger's Syndrome or high functioning autism. This means that Buck has trouble interacting with people because he doesn't pick up on other people's body language and has difficulty knowing when someone is being sincere or just kidding around. He tends to take what someone says pretty literally, language all together has always been a problem for him then add sarcasm or hyperbole or dishonesty and it becomes even more of a puzzle for him. Not only, and quite possibly because he does have autism, Buckman was diagnosed with a condition called Shuerman's Kyphosis. His spine was not growing evenly and it was curving forward. To correct this problem required having a rod attached to his spine. In the fall of his junior year Buck had the surgery, a fourteen hour surgery. And despite being in pain and looking like a ghost returned to school six weeks later, after his six week checkup, in which everything appeared to healing well. We were wrong, very wrong, in truth Buck had a staph infection which loosened the equipment in his back and eventually caused it to break loose from his spine. Buck went back into surgery where he had the rod removed and he was put on antibiotic therapy for a month to be absolutely sure that the infection was gone. He then had to have a third surgery to put the rod back in. It was either that or walk around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame for the rest of his life. Buck missed most of the school year and had to do his schoolwork from home. When he did return he had to wear a brace that looked like some type of medieval torture device. But he did it, I won't say cheerfully, because cheery isn't really a word that defines Buck's personality. That's not to say that he is a cheerless person either, Cindy, Buck's autism teacher, liked to describe Buck as a lovable grumpy curmudgeon. His Senior year required a lot of work to catch up for his Junior year but he kept at it and was able graduate with his class this spring as seen here.

The coming storm lost it's enthusiasm and blew away, letting us get on with the Graduation. Kurt's brother's family came for the graduation and we all cheered the graduates on.
My favorite part was when the principal during his address gave profiles of two students that he felt defined the spirit of the class of 05. One of the student's profiled was Buck (see above) but the best part was when he got to the part where the rod had come loose and had broken through the skin, there was an audible gasp from the audience. Didn't I mention that it broke through his scar? Oh, well it did. (Shudder) I wish I had known he was going to tell his story I would have brought his brace with ribbons tied on it and waved it high.

He's quite a guy, has always been. I loved him from the moment I saw him, just the way he is.

Wearing the black gown Buck said he felt like he was attending Hogwarts. Here he is with his mortal enemy, his kid sister Kate.

And just as the storm clouds for the graduation blew away, so did my personal black cloud begin to lift.
The next day, the official first day of summer vacation, things began to turn around for us. My husband, who had been laid off from work since Sept., finally snagged himself a position at a library. Woo Hoo. A new direction for him but one I think he'll be happy in. He got the call just after I discovered a way to fix Caren's sweater without ripping it back to the armpits. Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo. I think I was even more happy about the second one than the first.

So here's what I did. I repositioned the shoulder and made the steek wider by one block pattern repeat. I had to redo the back neck steek to take in more stitches but that wasn't as bad as taking the whole thing apart. O.K. so I took a few pictures because I don't think I can explain it too well. I'll warn you it looks worse than it was.

we can rebuild it, we can make it better

Sweater reconstruction

Shoulder seam revisited

And we're back, O.K that's the front but you know what I mean.

The surgery continues, I've already (deep breath) cut the steeks and have picked up the sleeve stitches. Thanks to everyone who left a comment and sympathized with my problem, even if they haven't come to that place in their knitting yet. I completely agree no one would have noticed. The problem was my own hang up and had I not figured out how to fix it with out ripping it out I probably would have just let it go....probably.

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Ani said...

(What you're about to read is critical, mean, and downright annoying, but should be read lightly and with humor. Thank you.)

First of all, Mother, now that I've finished reading your very long, but now up-to-date blog, it is time in which every annoying teenage daughter must criticize her mother's work. Here's a few grammar issues, 'cause that's all I'm good at correcting.

1. "I can get three corners to fit put can't"

-"put" is not equal to "but"

2. "this. so"

-"so" should be capitalized

3. "received a Award"

-"a" should be "an"

4. "more of puzzle"

-missing an "a"

5. "loosened the equipment in his back and eventually breaking loose from his spine"

-not parallel structure

6. "Kurt's Brother's"

-"Brother's" shouldn't be capitalized

7. (Shutter)

-misspelling/ "shutter" is not equal to "shudder"

8. "since Sept. Finally"

-"Finally" shouldn't be capitalized

9. "re do"

-"redo" is one word

10. "Probably"

-sentence fragment with no period at end. That's TWO problems.

Not to mention many comma misusage and nonusage. It is now 12:11 AM. I feel like a dork for correcting all your minor, but confusing, grammar mistakes. Don't you just love me?

Kelle said...

Yes, I just love you. You annoying teenage dork you.

Ani said...

*giggles* Ahhh...hey! *pout*

- LisaD. said...

Ahhh.....I am so enjoying this mother/daughter banter here. You both are so fun.

SCarrGo said...

Congratulations on your son's graduation, "mom"...that is quite an amazing story, and Buck has overcome some incredible odds.

I work at a high school, and when I see kids graduate who had to really work at it, I am always inspired.

Amy said...

Really moving, Kelle...and do tell Ani that, ahem, a professional writer and editor who visits your blog would be quick to point out that it's the content of the writing that matters most, not the mechanics. Mechanics can be fixed. But great content is hard to find. And you've got that here in spades.

Ani said...

Quite true, the contents are highly more important than mechanics. However, for those of us who are, excuse my french, anal, if the work is not written correctly, the flow and chi of the magical work is destroyed, and leaves much to be desired. Bad grammar=distracting.

(Besides, it's the only thing I can call her on. She's like an amazing-I-can-do-anything mom. ^_~)

- LisaD. said...

Ahhhhh, I can only hope that someday my daughter thinks and says such nice things about me. Very sweet.