Flash Your Stash

Well, there it is. The whole kit and caboodle, more or less. More than some, less than others. What do you think? Am I approaching SABLE? [Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy] I'm thinking not. It only looks like there is a lot of yarn and I'm not THAT old, it's still doable. I am not in denial. Am not.
Flash Your Stash
1. Latvian Mitten Yarns, 2. Wool Remnants, 3. Shetland oddments, 4. Assorted Acrylics, 5. Red Heart Soft, 6. Wool yarn, 7. Odd Balls, 8. Sock Yarn, 9. Sock Experiments, 10. Wool Odds and Ends, 11. Silk & Cotton, 12. Donegal Tweed, 13. Cotton bin, 14. Navy DK wool, 15. Sock Yarn, 16. Opal Sock Yarn Baby Sweater, 17. Cotton, 18. Alpaca, 19. Goddess Yarn, 20. Mostly cotton, 21. Green Wool, 22. Magpie, 23. Sugar'n Cream cotton, 24. Teddy

Flash Your Stash
1. White Buffalo, 2. More White Buffalo, 3. Lion Brand, 4. Cotton Bin, 5. Lion Brand - Homespun, 6. Target Yarn, 7. Homespun, 8. Waterspun, 9. Cascade 220, 10. Lion Brand Alpaca, 11. Siam, 12. Cotton - Spotlight, 13. Multi colored Yarn, 14. More cotton and an Acrylic Boucle, 15. Lion Brand, 16. Assorted acrylic skeins, 17. Wool ease Sport weight, 18. Great Adirondack Yarn, 19. Wool Hand Spun by Scott, 20. Shannon, 21. Jamieson Shetland wool, 22. Red Cotton, 23. Classic Elite Zoom, 24. Great Adironadak Yarn

Am not.

8 Opinions:

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Love how you "flashed", I'm amazed and envious of the yarns you have! : )

What are you making with the Classic Elite Zoom?

Amy said...

Are too.

And so organized! Good grief! All neatly laid out and labeled! Truly, truly a goddess.

Chris said...

Nowhere near SABLE. :) How organized you are!

- LisaD. said...

Holy Buckets of Yarn! How do you hide all of that from your husband? Please share.

purrl said...

Jumping Jehoshaphat! That's a lotta yarn! And all of it lovely. I hope hubby doesn't read the blog.

Susan said...

Wow, great photos. I can only bring myself to view mine in tubs.

Ani said...

*jaw drop* Holy Toledo, Batman! I live with you and I didn't know there was this much yarn!!!

The first step to recovery is to accept that you have a problem.

andrea said...

Nice stash. You could practically use it open up a yarn store someday if the fancy strikes you!