Something Wicked...

...this way comes
You know the drill, yes, the title is indeed a nod to Ray Bradbury, and no, the following content doesn't really have anything to do with Mr. Bradbury or his novel.
('ceptin' that they're both about a carnival of sorts; but that's it, really.)

Day 3
in which I will attempt to divert your attention away from the stupid, stupid, scarfs elephant still sitting incomplete in my knitting basket.

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of all Ages...
Pay no attention to that knitting sitting in the corner, there is little there of any consequence to excite anyone's, including its knitter's, interest.
Rather let me redirect your attention to a few objects of beauty & interest placed before your very eyes to both pique and satisfy the appetites of the incurably curious among you.

This is a Hallmark ornament carousel that we gave to each of the girls. It came with the two horses and each year a new figure is added, first there was a lion, then a giraffe and last year was a reindeer. Each year for a game, we try to guess what the next figure is going to be.
Here's what we're guessing for next year, Ani says a Hare, Katie thinks a Tiger, (speaking of tigers want to see the cutest little tiger in a purple tutu? then look here.) Buck guesses a Bear, Kurt a Zebra, (ooo have you seen these mutant zebras? knit by a dragon, no less) I'm gonna guess an ostrich. Other ideas tossed around have been a hippo, a wolf, a seahorse and an elephant. What do you think? Care to venture a guess?

Just for the record none of us guessed the last ornament, no one even thought of a reindeer. So were not discounting anything, we'll entertain any ideas, they're all fair game as far as we're concerned.

KMKat has expressed an interest in knowing what is my current wallpaper. Currently my wallpaper is a frost peacock that graces our living room window from time to time when the temperature decides to dip down low - and currently they are a dippin' - when i dip you dip we dip, you put your hand up on my hip, when you dip i dip we dip... Okay, I'll stop, the kids they really love hate it when I break into some obscure song, even better worse when I dance to it. What I was getting at before I got distracted by the word dip was that occasionally it gets cold here where we live and this weekend would be one of those times. On the up side, when it gets this cold outside Jack Frost will drop by and paint beautiful vistas on the windows of this old house for free. How about that?! Here look, here's another one.

Speaking of wicked, we've been having some wicked good fun with the knit mitt swap and while Boreas is busy blowing down his hard and cold winds on us from the north this month, I, myself have been favored by Notus earlier last month and have been the beneficiary of a warm southern breeze wafting it's way to me from South Carolina via the US Postal service in the form of a Knit Mitt Kit Swap.
Leslie was my swap partner and she sent me a lovely knit mitt kit. Leslie quilted for me a beautiful bag that she made from a really lovely fabric with a snowflake design and it has a clever handle design so that one fits inside the other to close the bag. Inside the bag has many little compartments to hold my various notions. For the Mitts she sent me two skeins of Patons SWS. SWS is a blend of 70% wool and 30% soy. Have you ever tried this stuff? It's incredibly soft and word has it, it felts really well. I confess I have already begun to play around with this yarn and I find it very alluring. Also included were two sets of bamboo needles and a set of beaded stitch markers and a key chain, and also very thoughtfully, Leslie included a notepad that she made with a snowflake cover.
I'm sensing a theme here, I do believe that Leslie is of the notion that there is a lot of snow in my corner of the woods, she may be right about that. All those snowflakes have put me in the mind to maybe knit a snowflake design on the mittens, hmmm....
To round out the package she sent along a mitten pattern which no Mitt kit would be complete without. All in all a very good thing. I would very much like to show you this lovely Mit Kit because I don't think my mere words are doing it justice, unfortunately we're momentarily experiencing technical difficulties with the visual aspect to our program.
[That is to say someone here, and we won't be naming names, but I can tell you that the first initial of their name begins with K, let the camera slip from their hand, which resulted in the auto focus being, well, out of focus. Which means that until we/I figure out a way to resolve our visual aid crisis, I will need to be a little more creative in my presentations. That is to say, I'll be stealing your pictures; just so you know.]
Leslie, thank you very much for all the thought and effort you put into making your kit. I'm glad you had a good time putting it together. I think it is wonderful and I'm going to enjoy using the kit as much as you enjoyed making it.
( I'm sorry it took me so long to post my appreciation, I sort of got hung up about not being able to post a picture of it, so that others could see your good work. I will put up a picture of it as soon as I can.)
Zephyrus, not wishing to be outdone, graciously carried my Knit Mitt Kit on a gentle, if not a considerably colder, favonian breeze to The Freckle Girl in the east who was my partner in the swap.
Can you see where I'm going with this?
The freckled one is a fan, as am I, of Eunny Jang's blog and her Anemoi mitten pattern. Although I couldn't figure a way to send her the pattern, I sent her the yarn and needles with the anemoi mittens in mind should she decide she wanted to knit them. I hope she gives it a go, I would like to see how they turn out. For my part, I'm of the mind to knit the mittens myself, if and when I ever make up my mind on what yarn and color I would like to use.

In the meanwhile I will have to contend myself with a winding of another sort.

Three cheers for my dear husband who broke down and read the Knitters Wish list that I forwarded to him from *Stephanie's blog last December and gifted me with this ball winder for a birthday gift last month. Yay!

*There are whispers floating in the blogosphere that a spring zephyr may be blowing the Yarn Harlot in our direction, but you didn't hear it from me.

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