Can I Get A Witness?

My friends, have you heard the good news?
The blog carnival is coming to town.
It's time for Yarnival!

The time has come to sing the praises of the knit and fiber blog.
In these last days, I'm calling on all my fellow fiberists to look back over this past year and bear witness to the light, laughter and love of fiber that is shared throughout the year on our knit blogs.

In the new year, on January 15th, I will hold a gathering here of your testimony and will post with links so that all may behold the beauty of the blogs handiwork.

Oh, I know there are those among who are saying,
" You poor thing, haven't you heard?
The time of the knit blog has come and gone,
it is a thing of the past.
Blog is dead!"

The flock has lost their way, you say.
They have strayed from the truth and the light of the written word of the blog.
They have foregone the warmth and loft of the fiber blog and have been caught up in their wild Ravelry and have turned their backs to blog.

I hear you.
Oh, I hear you
and I'm here to say;
Repent, say I.

Oh, hear me my fellow knitters!
It's not too late to turn from your wanton and wayward ways and come back to the fold.
Come back to blog.
Blog still loves you,
blog has always loved spinners.

Here at Knits and Giggles
I'll be hosting an ole time revival meeting.
I'll be pitching my tent here at throughout the month of December

I'm calling on the faithful brothers and sisters
(and the, ahem, not-so-faithful*),
to submit their favorite fiber or knit related blog post over this past year.

I'm looking for those posts that inspired you to greater knitting endeavers,
posts that renewed your faith in fiber crafts,
and those posts that ended any or all doubts that you suffered alone in your trials and tribulations that is knitting.
The one you couldn't help telling all your friends and loved ones about even though they had no idea what you were going on about.

To make your entry for consideration, please submit your choice here.

*Hey now, there 's no call for the pointing of any fingers, nobody's to be pointing any fingers.
It's not polite to point, you know.

"For (s)he who is without spin may cast on from the first cone."

Err.. something like that...anyway you get my point.

Remember what I told you about pointing.

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elizabeth said...

I can't believe you didn't get any comments on this post! It's awesome! Long live the knit blog!