Pity Me

The good news is that I have been given a Tuesday night off and I didn't even ask for it off. The bad news is that tonight is the spring orchestra music festival. Every year the Schools hold a music festival in which two of the grade schools, the Jr. High and the Senior High hold a performance together in the Sr. High gymnasium. The performance itself is not a bad thing, but it will be hot, it will be stuffy, it will be long, and your back will be killing you because you will be sitting in the bleachers. There will be KIP (knitting in public) taking place, I'm sorry Ani, but there is no other way you can get me to sit through it without it. At least I won't be going through this alone, Kurt has to come too. He opted out of the last performance he's not wiggling out of this one.
I'm still working on the same projects. I haven't made much progress this week I haven't had much time to knit. I guess I'll make that up tonight. I've been making an attempt to organize my stash. I have a bin for wool, a bin for cottons, a bin with acrylics, and a bin with just White Buffalo yarn in it. Now I need to find a place to put all the bins.
I've been tweeking the blog a bit, I'm still not finished but I'm getting a better feel for the process. Be patient, I'm a blog neophyte.

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Ani said...

oh shush, you know you loved it. ^_^