I think I have a problem

I think I've got a problem. I can't seem to stop myself. I bought more fabric for making quilts. In my mind I think that I am going to make a quilt for my husband and myself AND a quilt for each of my four, count them, four children. I have been stock piling fabric, patterns and quilting supplies for this very event, for years mind you, but to this day I have never made a quilt. So what is holding me back? I don't know. I think I just like the idea of making quilts, I like purusing all the pretty colors and fabric designs and looking at all the endless possiblities of quilt patterns, so when it comes down to choosing a pattern and choosing the fabric and cutting the fabric for a quilt I lose momentum, In fact, I come to a full stop. I think sometimes that I should just give up on the idea and get rid of all my quilting stuff. I say that, but then I go and buy more fabric like I did this week, so apparently there is a part of me that will not let go of this dream, thus, you see, I have a problem.
I finished, I finished, I finished the poncho! woo hoo. I mailed it to Sharon on Monday. I hope she likes it. I gave the lace scarf to Kak (Ani's best friend) to give to her mom to wear on their Race for the Cure Marathon on Mother's day. I haven't heard what she thought of it, I swear getting information from teenagers is harder than getting information from my six year old.
I am currently working on knitting linen washcloths. The first one went very well, the second pattern I chose I'm having a tougher time getting through and that frustrates me because I almost never take this long to pick up a pattern but this one... I need to graph it, but I'm being stubborn and don't want to take the time to graph it out, instead I will just keep frogging it, I've lost hours on this thing ,but graph it? no, I don't have the time. Put it down come back to it later. I've started the second phase of my Monk's Travelers Satchel. I needed the needles to knit the washcloth's so I finished the strap. I joined the two ends to make the bottom. Using a size 5 needle I picked up the stitches for the front flap from the bottom of the bag and I'm knitting up, attaching the sides of the front to the sides of the bag as I go. When I don't feel like working on either of those projects I work on Caren's Fair Isle or peruse quilting books dreaming of making a quilt.

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Amy said...

So that was the Kool Aid scarf! Beautiful!

Don't throw away your quilting stuff. Your brain just needs to have an "aha!" moment. It's not there yet, it's percolating. Give it time and space.

GJD said...

I'll volunteer Steve to help you get a quilt started. He loves picking out the patterns and wields a mean rotary cutter. Now, if only either one of us liked to hand quilt, we would be in business.

I have the same problem with journals. I just cannot resist the potential that lies on those blank pages between the beguiling covers. Unfortunately, the owner is not as beguiling as the journals and can never think of anything of interest to write in a journal. Maybe I should use them for technical writing and designing training sessions. It would be an interesting change of pace from legal pads and computers.