The last days of the school year have been a flurry of events. Ani had two violin performances to attend this past week and another recital this afternoon. Katie had a class potluck. Buck has an award ceremony tomorrow night. Adam has a graduation Monday and Buck's is next Wednesday, somewhere in there I have to fit in my work schedule. The house needs a thorough cleaning and I can't seem to rally the residents of the house to this cause. There is plenty to do outside of the house as well. Due to all the cold and wet weather, I haven't been too inspired in the weeding and planting department either. Now you might be thinking that with all these goings on that I wouldn't be getting much knitting done. You'd be thinking wrong. The more that is going on the more I need to knit, knitting centers me. I have been mainly knitting on Caren's sweater. I am nearly to the point where I will join the shoulders and then (take a deep breath) cut open the steeks to start the sleeves. I would very much to be done with this sweater. I have been looking through knitting books again, I'm itchin' to start something new. But for now I'm being good and working on finishing works in progress. I worked a bit on the Monk's Travel Satchel, I still haven't decided what, if anything I want to put on the outside back pocket, so that project is in limbo for a while. I think I'll pull out my lace sock and work a bit on that for my take along projects, that and I have another washcloth to make.
We went to see a play last week at the Guthrie Theatre. We saw "She Loves Me". We, that is my husband, our daughter, Ani and I, really enjoyed the show. There is a dance scene in a restaurant that turns into an all out brawl. The performance was just awesome, you really have to see it. Thank you, Madame, please call again, do, call again, Madame.

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Ani said...

hey! check it out! i'm COMMENTING on YOUR site! *hinthintnudgenudge* AAAAUGH!!! I DON'T LIKE THE FINALS!!!