He said " Hey, I like your socks."

After some discussion, the knitters in our SnB decided we would become ladies of the evening. That is to say, we added a Wednesday evening meeting to our current SnB schedule. Seeing it was a such a beautiful evening, I ditched the family and headed out to Eden Prairie to knit with the ladies. There I was, enjoying the cool evening air sitting in the courtyard of the Dunn Bros. where we've been meeting, with my newly finished "Go with the flow" stockinged feet propped up on the next chair, knitting away on a bright yellow scarf for my daughter Kati and sipping my Chai Latte Ice Creama... all by myself. Where were the ladies? At about 20 minutes after 7:00, the thought occurred to me that I may be at the wrong Dunn Bros. Amy had sent an e-mail saying that she would be at the other Dunn Bros on Wednesday evenings because she had karate lessons for her son close to there, but that didn't start until August. But I'll bet that Beth already moved the meeting to that one and I didn't get the message. (See, I was going to check my e-mail before going but someone was hogging the computer) So I packed up my bag, grabbed my latte and headed for the car. As I was nearly to my car, a young buck who's path was converging with mine said "Hey, I like your socks" as he passed. I replied an automatic thank you and plunged into my car, where I sat stunned a bit before I laughed and laughed and laughed.
I mean the socks are fantubular and all, but being a woman in her forties I am realistically aware that I am mostly invisible to most men of his age. But hey, who needs sex appeal when you have sox appeal? That this guy was able to see that I was wearing fantacular hand knit socks floored me. I rushed to the other Dunn Bros. to find the other ladies of the evening and share my "shocking" stocking story. It was good for a few giggles and some speculation. Do you think he's a knitter? Do you think he recognized that they were hand knit? Of course, we all thought the same thing - This you have to blog.
So there you go. Go with the Flow Socks designed by Evelyn Clark. Summer Interweave Knits 2005
Knit in Lana Grossa Merino 2000 Superfine wool color 482 - I call the color -Raspberry.
I knit them in tandem using the magic loop method. I used a circular needle size US 1.
These were the first pair of socks that I knit for myself to wear. I had a few problems that dammed up the flow, I had to redo the gusset twice , not because there was a problem with the pattern but rather a problem with my ability to read and follow the pattern correctly. I ran out of yarn and had to buy another ball, fortunately the yarn shop had another ball of the same lot color and the circular needle that I was using broke and I had to buy another needle. Still all in all I am quite pleased with the socks and as I was soon to discover quite remarkable, making all the trouble totally worth it.

6 Opinions:

Ani said...

Hmm...You think maybe the guy was drunk?

("damned" not equal to "dammed")
("re do" is one word)
("shocking" stocking story...just ridiculous. *stifles laugh*)

Kelle said...

I hope not he had been driving.

You're right, leave it to you to find any mistakes. One little letter, Sheesh.

- LisaD. said...

Aw.....the "shocking stocking" was one of the cutest parts of the re-telling of this story. I love the pics too.

Amy said...

So you're a sock slut...does that make you a slock?

Kelle said...

You're all just jealous. He wasn't drunk and he wasn't obviously gay, though I can't know that for sure.
Amy, for shame. Don't sully this for me.
Just wait until it happens to you, (I happen to know that you yourself have received a pair of drop dead gorgeous handknit socks for your birthday from Lisa.) then you too will be floating on air, three feet off the ground. Hey we'll be slocks or slucks together, won't that be fun.

- LisaD. said...

Hey, can I join? I wanna be a slock too.