Now What?


The exchange for the Buttonhole bags has been made and the bags have been redistributed. Now what?

You finished knitting the Astrodome Cap and Scarf . Now what?

Your family only has the one vehicle to drive and it starts making a horrible noise while you're driving it. Now what?

You've oh so patiently waited for the Firefly movie, Serenity to be released and because of your work schedule won't be able to see it until Sunday, but then your parents come up to visit. Now what?

You've neglected the gardening nearly all summer and now it's already October. Now what?

Rushing to finish up a job at work, a scanning gun that you set on top of a twelve foot ladder drops down onto your head causing your head to crack open and make like fountain. Now what?

Your seven old daughter thinks she should be rich because she believes she saw God on the bus. Now what?

Your sixteen year old daughter is miserably sobbing her heart out in the corner of her room. Now what?

Your twenty year old son is given a truck from his grandfather. It's a straight stick shift and he needs someone to teach him to drive it. Now what?

Your daughter's Chamber Orchestra wants to make a trip to Florida and you're having trouble just coming up with funds to get her the instruments she needs. Now what?


The exchange for the Buttonhole bags has been made and the bags have been redistributed.
We had the Buttonhole bag exchange a week from last Thursday. I waited to post about it because although there were seven bags exchanged only four of us were able to make the meeting and I wanted to wait until everyone got their bag back before posting about it. I want to send out a big thank you to Beth. I guess you could say that Beth is the one who ended up holding the bag. Three of them to be exact and none of them were her own, I had hers. She was also gracious enough to give me a ride to the meeting that I set up because I found myself without transport for the night. So Thank You so much, Beth, your the best.
It was interesting to see how even though everyone used the same pattern, how different they all were in shape and size. I'm afraid my camera doesn't do them justice. They were all so unique not a clunker in the bunch.

In the exchange I received the yellow and blue bag from Gina. In the bag was two skeins of blue Wool-Ease, of which I already have plans for. Thank you, Gina for the yarn and the bag they both make me very happy.
My bag went to Amy. Poor Amy this is the second exchange in which she ended up with my project. She said she wanted the bag but I can't help but think she may be wondering if she will always be exchanging with the same person. I promise if you're in the next exchange I'll try to mix it up a little better so you can receive the benefit of someone else's knitting and give you a little variety.
Did I say next exchange? Well, yeah, I have a notion for another exchange. I was looking at another knitter's blog who's participating in the Stitch Ya Neck Out: Necking with Friends exchange and I got to thinking that it would be fun to do something similar with the TCSnB group. I mentioned it to Dyann, Gina and Beth who were at the bag exchange and they expressed an interest in a scarf exchange so here we go again. Scarfing it Up: Paying Knit Forward. I'm still working out the details so I haven't posted to the group yet but I will soon, I promise.

To be continued....
(I have a few more answers to the above questions but not enough time to, so please forgive me this.)

3 Opinions:

Amy said...

Oh, "poor Amy" my foot. Poor Amy is delighted to have anything you knit. And by the way, I took my buttonhole bag to Coldwater Collaborative yesterday for my knitting class, and the staff was all over the bag--I was afraid someone would steal it when I wasn't looking!

Sue (eprairiecat) said...

If Ani is doing a fundraiser for the orchestra trip, let me know. I will buy whatever it is. I know what a pain in the keister fundraising can be (orchestra trip to NYC 3/2003. Hawaii 3/2005 was cancelled due to lack of interest, can you imagine?)

- LisaD. said...

Okay, I am (more than a little) concerned over the head cracking open incident at work. You've gotta explain. Are you alright?