Now What? Part 3

Your family only has the one vehicle to drive and it starts making a horrible noise while you're driving it. Now what?
So what do you get for your husband who really has it all but doesn't realize it? Um, how about a new rack and pinion? Which actually sounds kind of sexy but in truth it is a rather lousy birthday present regardless of the pretty penny paid for it.

You've, oh so patiently waited for the Firefly movie, Serenity to be released and because of your work schedule won't be able to see it until Sunday, but then your parents come up to visit. Now what? That one is a tough one. My mother has been feeling so terrible lately battling Meniere's Disease for the last month or so. So when they called and said they were going to come up for the weekend I was happy to have them come. I've waited to see Serenity this long a few days more wouldn't kill me, much. To my oldest son's delight my Dad gave him his old truck that he had put a lot of money and time in to fix up. My parent's decided to leave Sunday afternoon instead of Monday morning as planned, because they wanted to beat some bad weather coming their way. So I did get to see Serenity after all on Sunday Night.
I really enjoyed the movie. Ani thought that the movie was a lot darker than the TV series, I guess I expected that. I didn't expect to lose some of the crew but I can't say I'm really surprised about it either, still sad though. I thought the movie held up on it's own, you didn't need to have seen Firefly to get into the movie though knowing some of the background of the characters made the viewing much richer. Who's seen it? What did you think?

You've neglected the gardening nearly all summer and now it's already October. Now what? Oh, who cares. I got everything into the ground that needs to be. I'll worry about the garden again next spring.

Rushing to finish up a job at work, a scanning gun that you set on top of a twelve foot ladder drops down onto your head causing your head to crack open and make like fountain. Now what? Well, I tell you what I learned about myself. I learned that I'm way more vain than I ever imagined myself to be. When the manager asked if I wanted to go to the emergency room to have it looked it at, she thought I might need stitches, I stubbornly refused. Here's what I thought to myself, going to the emergency room would mean that they would have to pull out the hair to first find the cut before stitching it. Truly it was hard to find because the head does tend to bleed a lot and I have a lot of hair. It wasn't the thought of the pain of pulling out my hair or the stitches but rather that I was convinced that the hair would grow back white and I would have a patch of white hair growing out the top of my head and that was the deciding factor for me. I already have silver streaks running along side my head like racing stripes. If I wore my hair up I could be a Bride of Frankenstein stand in. Most days I don't mind having my stripes, I figure I earned them, four children, come on. I've even tried to convince my children that they could be considered sexy, but they are having none of it. Ani says, we'll have no MILFs here. (If you don't know what a MILF is I'm not going to explain it.) No, I'm a Wilf, not a MILF, or as Ani would have it, I'm a Freak. Just not freaky enough to want to have another white streak coming out of the top of my head, BTW, I have reason to believe that the hair would grow in white, right Mom?

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