Now what? Part last.

You know, I started this list of questions at the beginning of October and I'm still answering them, I really should think a little more before I start rattling off a list of topics because I couldn't think of anything to post about. Okay, so where did I leave off?

Boy, have I been remiss in my blogging of late. It's already December and haven't made any entries in regards to my knitting since the end of October, this is very wrong of me. I plan to rectify this straight away but first I have a little old business to attend to and then I promise it will be back to regularly scheduled programming, read- more stuff about knitting.

Your twenty year old son is given a truck from his grandfather. It's a straight stick shift and he needs someone to teach him to drive it. Now what? Well, It's gonna have to be me, of course. Having his Dad try to teach him is a recipe for disaster. Putting the two of them in such a confined space would not be pretty. So, I'll teach him; I'm a better driver anyway. My husband would take umbrage at that statement, but it's true despite what he may think, just ask Ani. The only problem now is finding a time when my son's and my schedule will allow said training. So far it hasn't been working out too well, However, he's going to be working the third shift soon so I think we'll be able to schedule more driving time, perhaps in the mornings.

Your daughter's Chamber Orchestra wants to make a trip to Florida and you're having trouble just coming up with funds to get her the instruments she needs. Now what? Well, then you fund raise, of course. You saw that coming, did you knot?
Anne's violin teacher, Caren Simon, ( yes, the Caren for which I am knitting the Winter Sunset Cardigan, see here and here), has founded a new non profit organization: Artistic Youth Ensembles of Minnesota, or AYEM ( pronounced as aim, as in aiming for harmony.)

Caren, unable to suppress the pride and joy she felt in the music that these young musicians in the Uptown Chamber Orchestra were playing, shared her feelings with a fellow friend and director of hers Jonathan May who directs the Florida Young Artists Orchestra in Orlando Florida. AYEM has accepted an invitation by Jonathan May to Caren and the Uptown Chamber Orchestra to come to Florida and perform for and together with his orchestra in January.

In order to make this happen for the members of the who are unable to fund the trip on their own, ( read: my daughter) the members of the Uptown Chamber Orchestra and their families have been pooling their creative efforts to raise the money toward that end. AYEM has set up a fundraiser through Elegant Impressions. A portion of the cost for each note card, calendar or print will goes to AYEM to provide financial aid to it's members. I encourage you to look it over and see if perhaps there is something of interest to you.

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Kurt isn't alone in his driving skills or his daughter's opinion of his driving skills, see =>