A Tale of Two Daughters or Now what? part 4

Your seven year old daughter thinks she should be rich because she believes she saw God on the bus. Now what?
I have two daughters. Two of the most brilliant, beauteous, and wondrous girls you could ever hope to meet. Each of them brimming over with sugar and spice and everything nice and clearly quite mad. Seriously, they are nuts, Nutters, I tell you. Don't believe me?
One Sunday, Kati came to me while I was out walking the perimeter* and stated that she thought she should be rich.

Me: Why is that?
Her: Because I saw God on the Bus.
Me: You did? Did God talk to you?
Her: No, well it was more like the light of God that I

Me: I see. Why do you think that now you should be

Her: Because I was the only who saw Him.
Me: Oh.

I'm thinking I should consider knitting the sleeves on her jackets a lot longer so it'll make it easier to tie in the back. As to her older sister, I will let you decide. Ani: in her own words.

*I've already explain this in an earlier post but for those of you who didn't read it; I often will walk around the edges of my yard. I do this for many reasons really but mostly it's a comforting device. I never said that the girls didn't come to their craziness honestly.

Your sixteen year old daughter is miserably sobbing her heart out in the corner of her room. Now what? I don't have an Ipod. If I did I would include the song, Happy Girl by Beth Nielson Chapman on my playlist. In the lyrics of the chorus she sings, " everybody knows that the sweetest thing that you've ever seen in the whole wide world is a happy girl." Conversely a young girl miserably sobbing in the corner of her room will break your heart, take it from me.
The beginning of the school year was not going well for Ani. She was struggling with her journalism class. Now understand, Ani is a good writer. I'm not alone in this opinion, which is why I encouraged her to try journalism. Apparently journalism was not the way to go, for she hated it. She felt like everyone was getting it, except her. She was floundering in the deep end of the ocean and the sharks were circling. This is very upsetting for a girl who rarely, if ever, has had any trouble with any class before, especially a writing course.( On a side note, Ani was not the only one having trouble adjusting to the new school year. Perhaps not for the same reasons per say but from reading other blogs of her peers, the start of the school year wasn't going all that smoothly. Just sayin') The solution to the problem would require two things of her. First: admitting that she needed help and second: asking for that help. Neither concept of which she had much experience with but which, I am happy to report, that after her tearful meltdown did and has managed to turn it around. Yay, for Ani. I asked her the other day after talking about her writing if she has changed her opinion of journalism and she said no. She still enjoys writing but journalism just isn't her cup of tea. Kati just wants to know what gerbalism is anyway.

3 Opinions:

Ani said...

I know the surest way to get rich. You can either:
1) marry a rich person
2) be a conartist
Frankly, I think one should be a conartist who marries a rich person, then finds a reason to divorce them and still run off with their money. This sounds familiar...Heartbreakers, perhaps?

renada said...

I felt the same way about jornalism. I was a writer, and in most respects, writers aren't journalists. Unless they're mushy-comentary journalists, ya know what I mean??

I hope it all works out.

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