Oh yeah, I'm that crazy

Okay, so in case you were unaware The Yarn Harlot has thrown down the gauntlet and issued a challenge to those of us that have made knitting our sport of choice. She has created The 2006 Winter Knitting Olympics. The project must be cast on at the opening of the Winter Olympics when the Olympic flame is lit and must be completed before the flame goes out in 16 days. Oh yeah, I'm so in.
Now the first challenge will be to choose a project that would be considered an Olympic Challenge for me. As skill levels go, I fall into the experienced category, which means I'm going to need help deciding on a project. I went through my stacks of magazines and books and I've made a short list of projects that I'm interested in knitting and that I would consider a challenge to knit in 16 days.
Option 1: The Forest Path Stole This stole is so beautiful. It has three different lace panel worked in entrelac. When I showed it to Ani she asked if you get an award for participant. Oh she of little faith.
Option 2: Magical Mandalas. The sweater is made up from knitting medallion motifs. I've wanted to knit this from the moment I saw it.
Option 3: The Age of Aquarius Sweater, cap and socks. I have this in mind for my brother. A while back he sent me several skeins of yarn that he spun and I think it would be enough to knit this set for him.
Option 4: The Cherry Blossom Shawl. The shawl is worked in the round from the center outward in a sequence of three lace patterns.

Option 5: A while back I went a little crazy and bought a boat load of this White Buffalo Yarn. My plan is to knit one of these coats for my husband and one for myself. Because this is bulky knitting and works up fairly fast I thought I would up the challenge to completing both of the coats.

Option 6: Would be to knit the second pair of Latvian mittens that I am making as a fund raiser.

I have other ideas but I think that these are the ones that I'm going to consider for the Olympic knitting event.

So what do you think? I'd appreciate your opinion, any input would be helpful.

7 Opinions:

eprairiecat said...

I can't believe anyone would consider any of these doable in 16 days! Not even the knitting wizard. But if anyone can, you can. The shawls are stunning but does anyone really ever wear a shawl? I vote option 2. If you are going to take on something that ambitious I think it should be for you.

The Knit Wit said...

I vote for the shawl. I love shawls. They're so timeless and classic. Go shawl!

beth said...

Either the latvian mittens or the White Buffalo coat. My 2 cents;)

- LisaD. said...

Well I'm partial to lace so my vote goes to the entrelac lace forest path stole. It's gorgeous.


Iseult said...

Okay, so I haven't knitted since 4th grade at Waldorf School, but I vote for the lacey shawl. When you're done you should have a nice dinner--even if it's at home--and wear your shawl and impress the heck out of everyone. And my gut reaction when scrolling through the photos you posted was that the first one was by far the best.

renee said...

Well, I think they all fit the category of being a challenge to finish in 16 days unless you're going to be glued to the tv night and day! I think the Cherry Blossom shawl would probably look the most complicated and impressive when finished. I think I would vote for Magical Mandalas. If it is something you've wanted to knit for a long time, it probably would be a good motivator to push on through. Plus, the medallion motif fits in with the Olympic theme - particularly if you knit with gold, silver or bronze!

Jeanette said...

Wow! Just that these are on your short list is impressive! My favorite is the River Path Stole - I've wanted to knit that one for a while (but I know it would take me longer than 16 days).