Presenting the pile of 2005 UFO's to be completed in the month of January 2006.

To be sure this is only a portion of the heap of unfinished objects that I have lying about. Know my friends, that what you see here is but the pile of knitting that I'm hoping to be able to present as finished objects by the end of the month of January. I may be dreaming a bit here but I think it better to set the bar a little higher than lower or really, what's the point? (Yes, Ani I'm aware that I said that I was the Point, being the Point Man and all, and so forth and so on, but really that's beside the point)
While I was not blogging I have been knitting and what you see here is the current state of my knitting. Let me break it down for you.

Starting at the bottom of the pile is a fair isle cardigan that I am knitting for Ani's violin teacher and friend of ours, Caren. I started this sweater in October of 2004 and it's past time to be finished with this sweater and I'm not far from finishing it. The sleeves need to be 17" long before I knit the cuffs and I'm currently at about 15". Once the sleeves are done it is just a matter of cutting the front steek and knitting on the button/buttonhole bands and collar and it's finished. No sewing it together, only sewing on buttons and it's done. Sounds like a lot of knitting yet but not really, I am being quite realistic in setting a goal to complete this sweater.

In the center, on top of the sweater is a Latvian Mitten that has been my most recent knitting obsession. In January of last year I became intrigued with these mittens and bought about as much yarn and in as many different colors as I could with the intention of making these mittens. However I was committed to knitting Caren's sweater and I set the idea aside for later. Later came this last fall when I was brainstorming for fundraising ideas for Caren's new musical organization, AYEM - Artistic Youth Ensembles of Minnesota of which Ani is a member. So I thought could knit something and have a drawing for it. Seeing I had the yarn already I thought that Latvian mittens would be a good thing to make. So that's the plan. This is mitten one. Mitten two is goal for January. I have been documenting the process of knitting of these mittens and plan on boring the rest of you with all the sorted details in future posts.

On the right of the pile is the toe of a pair of socks that I am knitting for my daughter. Are they black, grey and dark blue? Yes, they're for Ani, how did you guess? I'm not really happy with the way the pattern is knitting up and I'm considering revising the pattern which will push their completion into the well, maybe category.

Above the socks is the second tail to a scarf that I am knitting for the Scarfin' Knit up exchange. It's a pretty fast knit and I should be able to have this one completed as well. If it is done by the 19th even better.
And then lastly there is the Elizabeth I pattern scarf, Dainty Bess. This will be a challenge to be completed by the end of January. Even though it's a lace pattern, it doesn't knit up very quickly because it is so fine. I'm at about 14", the pattern length for the scarf is 44". This one is definitely in the well, maybe category.

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- LisaD. said...

Just when I thought you couldn't outdo you go again. I love the lace scarf. It is so delicate and lovely. We don't call you the knitting wizard for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is time for another UFO party. I have a few projects that need to have their ends woven in before I can call them complete.

It looks like you decided to use the Malabrigo for the Scarf Exchange, so don't worry about the lace scarf. Feel free to just return what is complete on the lace with the other scarf when you send it. The lace will make good airplane knitting when I go to India. It will also be more portable than the project that I had picked out for the plane.

Happy January knitting

Ani said...


Tammie said...

WOW! All so pretty they must be finished. Wishing you luck :)