Where's Waldo?

Oh, who cares? Waldo? Waldo Smaldo? Never mind the silly little dude in the silly little hat, more importantly, what I want to know is where in the @#$%^&* blue blazes are the builders who are supposedly *working* on stucco-ing our basement walls are?!
Want to know how long it takes to have your basement walls stucco-ed?
The answer is a month of Mondays. First they will tell you they are coming on Monday but not come. Then they will call and tell you that they won't be able to start until next Monday and then not show up again. But they will call you on the following Wednesday to say they won't be able to start until, you guessed it, next Monday only to then show up the next day to work for two days pounding metal mess onto your basement walls, dismantle your washer and dryer and then leave for the *weekend* which turns into a week and a weekend. They will then show up again at 6:50 AM on the hottest #$%@ day of the summer to make with the pounding again, but at least it actually was a Monday this time. After which they will disappear for another week.... and well you get the idea.
Anyway the Amazing Lace Challenge #5 is Where's Waldo? and it occurred to me that my partner Forest Path Stole does a fair impression of steel mesh and seeing my basement is covered in steel mesh.....and as a bit of diversion... well, you get the idea.

Where's Forest Path?

Hobbes is also wondering how long before his sanctuary is returned to him, free of strange men pounding on the walls.

On a separate note, my partner feels that the last few challanges hasn't fairly presented her at her best and to boost her morale would like a chance for you all to see her in a better light.

5 Opinions:

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Pretty! That mesh looks like it might make a good blocking area if you have the wall space for it....

Chris said...

Argh - how frustrating! At that rate, they should finish your basement sometime in 2008... Forest Path is looking very lovely - and does hide quite well in the midst of the mesh.

Hi, Hobbes!

Kelly said...

That is enough to drive anyone batty. I like how hidden the forest path appears in your basement. Hopefully it will soon stand out against stucco walls.+

- LisaD. said...

Okay...I am only gonna say this once......You need to blog more often. You are a gifted writer. (I can see where Ani gets it from) and you ALWAYS make me giggle.

renee said...

That camouflage is fantastic - good idea! Your stole is looking amazing - I'm very impressed!