We Gather Together

Thanksgiving came and went in such a flurry that most of what I remember is but a blur, of what I can remember of it, Thanksgiving day went pretty well. We didn't plan anything big, I would be working up until Thanksgiving and would be working the next four days following it so I only had the one day to rest. Which is why I decided to make the dinner, which in hind sight probably wasn't the brightest of ideas, clearly I hadn't thought this through. ( but as you will soon discover as you read on, this wouldn't be the last of my misguided thinking this Thanksgiving.) The company was good, it was just our family, my son came up to visit and my husband brought his Mom up for the holiday weekend. There was good food and plenty to be had and ...Ah, well, there was one little glitch.

Here's a little thing I learned this year; when roasting your turkey in a your new roaster oven and you don't have any room in your tiny kitchen to put the roaster, it is perfectly fine to put it on a side table in the dining room, only I recommend that you do not place the roaster on a side table that sits directly below the house's thermostat, as I did, or at least, don't be so surprised that the register did not run in the house all morning because the thermostat believed that your house already was toasty warm from the heat of the roaster, like I was.

You, of course, will not even notice how cold the rest of the house is becoming because you're in the kitchen all morning with the oven on preparing the rest of the meal and if you're like me you probably still won't notice until some time after dinner when the tryptophan has kick in and everyone is settling down for an afternoon nap on the couches and your children are fighting for their share of the blankets.

It probably still won't dawn on you what has happened until your mother-in-law decides that she's too cold and needs to put on her cuddle duds because she isn't used to it being so cold in your house and you decide to check the thermostat with the roaster still setting directly below it.

"Hmm, the thermostat says it's seventy eight, that's odd it's usually never over sixty eight in here, sure doesn't feel like seventy eight." *looks down at the roaster* "Oh well, I guess I better finish cleaning up." *picks up roaster to take it to the kitchen, when suddenly, a thought occurs* wait for it...................Doh!

And so, my friends, if there is a moral to be gleaned from this sad little tale, I guess it would be "Turkey is a dish best served warm, in a cold house." No? Well how about, "Warm turkey in a cold house is better than cold turkey in a warm house." (arguable) I don't know, something on that order, never the less, the turkey was good though.

For giving thanks this year, I wanted to share with you pictures of one of the things that I am most thankful for this year and that is for the friends that I have made and had the priviledge of gathering with and sharing time with this year.

Laughing, learning and sharing our passions for knitting and (not only knitting) has been one of the greatest joys I have had this year and I truly cherish having been there with you all on your knitting journeys.

(Let me begin by asking forgiveness for this post. It has a lot of pictures and may take some time to load, I'm sorry.)

    At Beth's knit night in November.

        Oh what a tangled web.
        Meleah and Lisa take a turn at untangling the skein from hell.

        Shelly and The Blanket.

        The Day of the Dead KAL Gathering at Amy's in November.

        S3500010Captain Deb meeting Deepa in Coldwater Collabrative on the Treasure Hunt in October.


        Deepa, S3500011

        S3500014 and Meleah and I crossed paths on the hunt at Coldwater Collabrative in October.

        Shelly with her girls, at Sue and Christine's birthday brunch in October.

        The Birthday girls.

        Sue's kitties cozying up to Lisa on knit night in October

                                                        Sue with Willie.

                                                                Stalking Harlot in September.

                                                                Katie watching as her mommy spins.

                                                                Beth spinning with her drop spindle.

                                                                Christine and Meleah knitting at knit night in September at my home.



                                                                Twin cities knitter's picinic at the Harriet Rose Gardens at the end of August.

                                                                    S3500007 Knitting at the historic house/ coffee house in May.

                                                                    S3500006 Anne with her just finished sweater, with only about 18" of your left of the yarn ball.

                                                                    S3500008 Sue and Connie with her finished poncho, that she will have to put away until the fall because, honestly who wears a poncho in May?

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