I don't think I'm going to make it.

I was hoping to have completed the poncho project by the end of this month. I did finish the front and back. I tried it on and I think it isn't wide enough so I'm planning on adding borders to each side but I haven't quite decided what I want to do yet, So I don't think I'm going to have it done. While I'm thinking on that I picked up the Monk's traveling satchel project, 74" of seed stitch for bottom sides and strap, Ugh. I've decided to knit the side pockets into the strap as I go. That is to say that at the point where the pocket was to be attached, I knit 1, yo'd the row. On the next row I then double knit the pocket and strap together. To do this you slip one stitch with the yarn held in front of the slipped stitch, then either knit or purl the next stitch according to the seed stitch pattern, repeating this across the row. By slipping every other stitch you are knitting only the front stitches and when you turn the row and knit back you're knitting the other side or the back. I continued this on for 7.5 inches, the length of the pocket, and then divided the stitches on to two needles. I put the front stitches on a holding yarn ( you could bind off the stitches if you wanted to . I intend on using an attached I cord to finish the edge when I'm done with the strap) and continued knitting the strap. When I get to the other side where the second pocket is to start I will do the same thing only I will cast on the 33 stitches using an I-cord cast on.( That is make an I-cord 33 stitches long, then pick up a stitch from a row of stitches in the I-cord.) Then holding the cast on pocket stitches in front knit one stitch from the pocket, slip one stitch from the strap, purl one from the pocket and slip one from the strap repeating across. Then double knitting the pocket and strap for another 7.5 inches. When I get to the end of the pocket then you simple knit and purl 2 stitches together across to close the pocket and then continue on to the end of the strap. Sound complicated? It isn't really, just sounds complicated. But it will give you an idea of the lengths that I will go to to avoid sewing a project together. I'm of the Elizabeth Zimmerman's school of thought why sew when you can knit it. I'm getting close to the second pocket so I guess I'm going to have to choose a contrast color for the edging. I still haven't decided the sides and strap are black, the front and back of the bag are tan. So what do you think? red? I'm leaning towards red. Well I have a few more inches to go before I make my final decision.

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Ani-Fanny said...

okay, so you know how you look at my pages of music and are like, "...dur...*drool*..." and see it only as dots and lines? well...i couldn't finish reading your little how-to-make-a-monk-satchel-bag or whatever 'cause soon it all started looking the same, and i was like, "...wha?" see?!! you can't teach me to knit. i'll just be satisfied looking at your projects and being like, "...wooooooooooooow. fancy."