Steek now or forever hold your peace

This week I've mostly been knitting Caryn's Winter Sunset Cardigan. I've begun the armhole steeks and am working my way up. Here's a few pointers for starting armhole steeks. 1. Don't attempt to count stitches late at night, after a day home with all the kids and night of manual labor at work. 2. When dividing the stitches do not count the steek stitches. ( Why I had such a tough time with this concept can only be attributed to point #1) 3. This may not be necessary for all patterns but for this one I added a stitch to each side of the steek to make the pattern come out the same on front and back. I'm nothing if not compulsive about pattern repetitions.

I spent the day in uptown yesterday afternoon with my daughter Ani. She had her violin lesson earlier in the afternoon and then we were assigned the task of waiting in line at Dreamhaven to get a number for a book signing by Terry Pratchett , that was scheduled for later in the evening. While we were standing in line, Kurt was at the library where Terry was giving a reading and answering questions before going to the signing later in the evening. After getting the number we had two hours to kill while we waited for Kurt and some friends that Ani had contacted to meet her later at the signing. So Ani and I bummed around, we ate something and then checked out a few book stores. There are a couple of used book stores in the area that I like to peruse for knitting books, Skunked, this time.

Oh well, I picked up two knitting magazines from B&N the other day. One is an English Publication, simply titled,
Knitting there is a checked sweater in the book that I think will work great for some yarn that I bought a couple of years ago that I intended for my son Buck. I started swatching it. I'm thinking I might post the swatches to and see if I can get a few opinions.

I worked on finishing a lace scarf last night. I'm thinking I going to try to finish this one this weekend.

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