Not your Grandmother' yarn stash

I'm still trying to figure this blogging thing out, I took a few pictures of my various projects and the plan is to bring everyone up to speed on what I'm knitting. This is a sample of some of the yarn, not necessarily wool, in my stash. I never did get on board with knitting scarves with big needles and specialty yarns. My first attempt with these type of yarns was knitting a scarf using Splash in a blood red color. I discovered rather quickly that if you drop a stitch, and it isn't difficult to do with all that fringe absuring the thread, that it is not so easy to pick up the dropped stitch for the same reason. After a few attempts and much frustration I did manage to figure out a way to knit the stuff and the scarf turned out rather well. It was for my 15 year old daughter and she wears it nearly everyday. In the basket there is another ball of splash in yellow. A glutton for punishment, I plan to make a second scarf for my other daughter who's six. I'm currently working on too many other projects right now which gives me an excuse not to start the second splash scarf. Ani chose the red color because it looked to her like Phoenix feathers and she said the yellow for Katie's scarf made her think of Chocobo feathers from the Final Fantasy video game series. I just thought Kate would like the color yellow.

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