I'm not feeling particularly inspired today, I'm sure that you'll understand when I show you today's Saturday Skies Picture.
Ready? Here you go.

Here's what has become of the golden tree in the front yard.

What a difference a week makes.

Today my family is all scattered about, Kate's will be off to a friend's birthday party, Adam is ... I don't know where, Kurt works at the library, Buck is working and Anne's at college and I'll be in the van, dropping off Kate, picking up Kurt, going to Anne's Orchestra performance at Hamline and then, picking up Anne, picking up Kate and then home. Not much of a day off, but so it goes.

I've been giving my Starmore jacket problem a little thought, and it occurred to me that I may not have to start over on the jacket. I think I could take out the extra pattern repeat that I erroneously added thinking it wouldn't fit, it's a 32 stitch pattern repeat, at the steek.

What if at the end of the next round I knit to one pattern repeat before the steek and then knit the last half of the steek stitches and bound off all the rest of the last repeat up to the first half of the steek. I think it would work, it will look a little odd, there will be a bit of a pouch in the front but when I cut the steek, *gasp* I know, that part will be cut away.

The part about it looking like a carpet came to mind from an old British sketch show called, "A bit of Fry and Laurie", starring Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie (aka - House). My daughter and her friends have been into watching "Fry and Laurie" over this past summer.

In one particular episode they announced that their show tonight was being sponsored by (can't remember the name) carpet. Through out the sketches there were then references to (insert name here) carpet and at the end of the show both Hugh and Steven came out to end the show wearing jackets made from carpeting.

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