Still Winging It

Okay, so it's more like free falling, but still you catch my drift.

It would seem that I have broken my own knitting rules.
I am not as you may have already deduced, a one at a time project knitter. I usually have two, three, four or ten different projects going in differing stages at any one time.
This is perfectly reasonable to me because rarely does one project meet all my needs for the time and space that I have to knit.
I have a take along project, a charted project that requires my full attention for when I have undistracted time to knit -(not too often) and projects that I have a problem that I don't know what to do yet, those need marinating. Sometimes I just knit to try a new kind of cast on or some other technique, yes, I am a process knitter.
I have set up a few rules for myself to prevent me from getting too far out of hand. I allow myself multiple projects but only if they are not the same type of knitting, for example, I can have a pair of socks going, a pair of mittens, a fair isle project, a gansey sweater or a lace project, afghan, aran baby sweater, etc.
However, as a rule I don't like to have two pairs of socks going, two sweaters, two pairs of mittens and two lace projects.
And this is where I broke my own rule. I currently have two lace stole's going at the moment.
I'm still working on the Forest Path stole but ran into a little snag so I set it aside and in the meanwhile signed up and started the Mystery Stole 3.
They are both very beautiful and both very undone. I feel pretty guilty about breaking my own rule and would like to finish one or both of the lace projects soon but I haven't had very much still time to work on the lace projects lately so here is where I am on the Mystery stole.
I have completed up through clue four and am beginning the wing part of the stole but am not very far.

I decided to make the stole a longer stole for those of us with the long arms, so I made one repeat to lengthen it, which is why I am still only on clue five, there are seven in all.

(My problem that I have with the Forest Path , will take too long to explain right now so I'll update you in an up coming post.)

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knitintensity said...

You do such beautiful lace work! Better finish up those wip's so we can start the tilted duster soon :)