"She Blinded Them With Science"


When last we left our intrepid knitter she was endeavoring to get back to basics and had agreed to knit a very long Dr. Who scarf as a birthday gift for a friend. Now, the knitting of a Dr. Who scarf in and of itself is a geeky move, to be sure, and all would have been well had she left it at that. But alas, my friends, that was not to be for the well meaning knit blogger took a wrong turn and attempted to entertain the reader and distract them from the fact that she was only moving her knitting inch by inch and foot by foot in nothing more than plain garter stitch stripes by really geeking it up and posing horrible and unfathomable mathematical questions which sent the arithamaphobic knitters into an all out panic.
Bad, bad knit blogger, scaring all the knitters with math and stuff, have you no shame?

I'm sorry if I scared anyone with all those numbers, personally, I thought it was amusing but clearly I may be alone in this.

Any"Who", progress continues on the scarf , slowly. The scarf was put on hiatus for most of October for other knitting that took precedence, but I have since picked it up again and am knitting on it as my take along project.

You may want to look away now while I update the stats for those of you who have a strong stomach for that sort of thing.

I have currently knit 900 rows or 45.5 stripes.
900 hundred rows roughly translates to 84% completed.

There, was that so bad? If anyone would still like to hazard a guess as to when I will finish this scarf, I will leave the polls open for the time being.

See how brave my knitting buddies are, calmly knitting while the really scary scarf snakes down the table between them. See, not scary.

Oh my stars, do you see what I see?

Are those la_la_live stitches I see?

Did_d_d, she really take the stitches off the needles and then photographed them!

What kind of sick and twisted knitter would do such a thing?

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Noooo she's insane.
There I go again.

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