My Precious

I can'ts finds it. Where is it? My precious.
My wedding ring has gone missing.
It isn't lost, really, just misplaced.
I took it off a few months ago,
there is no meaning behind doing that other than it was irritating my finger.
I have been dealing with the occasional outbreak of eczema.
Eczema is a relatively new problem I have, it only started popping up in different places in the past couple of years. It usually occurs in placed where there is clothing that is binding on my skin, the tops of my feet from my shoes or the small of my back from a waistband or belt and such.
So when my ring began to be irritating I thought I would take it off for awhile.
Don't look at me like that, the bookman hasn't worn his ring for years now.... doesn't fit.
The difference here is that he knows where his ring is.
It rests on the base of the Star Trek Enterprise ornament around the shuttle craft.
I thought that I had put my ring in the same place but apparently I didn't.
So that then begs the question, Where did I put my ring?
I'm sure, I put it somewhere where I would remember to look for it,
or so you would think.
This isn't what I had planned to blog about today, but I am so distracted that I can't find it,
that I'm finding it hard to concentrate on writing today.
I guess this means I will need to do a thorough investigation of all the places it could be.
Not that I haven't gone over the same places several times today.
I'm going to have to be a little more creative.
This could take some time, you haven't seen my home.
There are any number of places that I a slim plain gold ring could hide.
Cache after cache of collected bits of flotsam and jetsam that gets put down and never moved. Seriously, this is a great place to play," I spy" because there is little things all over the place.

I don't refer to my husband as bookman because he reads a lot of books (Well okay, that's partly the reason) or because he works at a library and book store ( Okay, that is partly the reason too) but the real reason is that my husband owns many, many books. Having many, many books it then naturally follows that we have many, many bookcases lining the walls of our home. And each bookcase has the potential to hold a whole lot of stuff besides the books.

I suppose you may be wondering why I didn't put it in my jewelry box.
Simple enough, I don't have one.
I don't wear much jewelry, so I don't have a lot of jewelry. But I do have a few pins and a ring that need a place to call home.
(Hint, Hint: Children, Husband - Mom needs a jewelry box.)
Excuse me please, I'm going to try and find something now.

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