The Occasional Flake

Kelle can knit by ones or knit by twos. She can knit forwards and she can knit backwards.
She can zip zippers and button buttons. She could even finish knitting a ten foot long scarf by Thanksgiving, but Kelle cannot make a blog entry everyday in the month of November.
And that was a problem because she said she would. She told all her friends she would. Kelle had failed.

November winds proved much too strong,
the days too short and the nights far, far too long.
Falling down from the sky,
big fat flakes to land in my eye.
Falling down on the blog, my goal unmet.
Could not find my words, much to my regret. :(

I had my doubts going in to this that I would be able to make it through the entire month. ( which is why I never did officially sign up for NabloPoMo, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.) November and December are tough months to make this sort of a commitment to, especially if you work in retail. Perhaps I will try this again for the month of January as a new year resolution, but until then:

We now return you to your irregular scheduled programming:

So for Saturday, November 17 when I started this entry, I intended to show you a Saturday Sky Picture.

The problem with Saturday sky pictures in Minnesota is that during these chilly months of winter on any given day you can go outside and the sky will look pretty much like so.

That is if you can manage to see the sky during the brief hours we have of daylight.

More and more lately, I'm thinking that the bears have the right of it.
Sleep. Hibernate.
Why brave all the snow and the cold, when you can be warm and cozy slumbering in peaceful bliss? Oblivious to the dark and cold world swirling all around you? Trust me, they're not missing anything by skipping the winter.

Anyway, what I was going to say was when the sky looked like the first picture, you wouldn't expect much chance of snow, oh there certainly could be the occasional flake, here and there but nothing to write home about.

However, when the sky looks like this.
You can bet it will soon look like this.

As it did on Thanksgiving day.
Thankfully, ours was a quiet and peaceful Thanksgiving at home with all of our children home with us.
There was mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and cranberries and stuffing and pie but no turkey.
We decided to buck tradition this year and eschewed the bird and opted for ham instead. Our family's not big fans of turkey.

Hope all of your Thanksgiving days went as planned and you had time to enjoy your family and friends and give thanks.

Oh, and it snowed, but that was outside, so all was well.

and then it snowed,

and it snowed.

and it snowed.

Hello Minnesota.

2 Opinions:

Miss T said...

Don't feel bad--who can get extra stuff done in November? I can't!

Anonymous said...

November? Came and went already? I thought it was still September...