Sometimes I get lucky.

Having completed the socks so quickly, remember here, that I was knitting a pair of socks to fit a child about 8 to 10 years of age, with sport weight yarn on size 1 needles, knitting straight stockinette stitch, they are striped but as I carried the unused color in the back and didn't break the yarns for the stripes, it didn't slow me down much, which is why I was able to finish them so quickly. Also I was making an effort to knit them as fast as I could in the time that I had, as a rule I do not finish a pair of socks in three days.
None-the-less having been emboldened by being able to knit the socks so quickly and having a little more than a week before the A4A deadline I decided I would attempt to knit this side to side vest from odd balls of Magpie Aran wool that I had in my stash. I had intended to knit a vest last year but ran out of time, so I thought that this year I would go for it.

Earlier I had been looking through Sally Melville's "Color: The Power and the Glory, Book 3 of her Knitting Experience Series." I was intrigued by the color work pattern in the Boyfriend Sweater. There was only one problem with it, the design is knit using Intarsia. *shudder*

Nothing gives me more pause when it comes to knitting a sweater design than knitting something using the Intarsia method. I have to be really motivated to choose an Intarsia knitted project.

However, as I looked at the design I thought that this pattern if you turned it on it's side could be knit as a fair isle design and since I planned to knit this side-to-side vest this would be a good chance to test my theory.

I didn't have enough time to work it out on paper, so the plan so to speak, was to use the basic pattern and sort of wing it on the pattern and colors. I chose to knit the large size, hoping the vest would be large enough for a 12 to 14 year old child. I knit four rows in one color, then knit a 3/3 Fair isle pattern and then eight rows in the second color.

To my amazement inserting the stripe pattern into the vest pattern worked out really well and no one was more surprised and happy with the resulting vest. Regardless of what becomes of the vest and who comes to wear it, I can only hope that they receive a portion of the enjoyment of it that I had in knitting it.

Right side out.

Inside out.

Right side out.

Inside out.

Which do you like better?

I was fortunate to find these wood buttons that mimic the pattern of the sweater.

Like I said, sometimes I get really lucky.

" Ya, ya, ya, who cares? You're not the only one who gets lucky,

I think I saw Squirrel!"

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Anonymous said...

Luck, schmuck. You're a goddess and you know it.

Corgimom said...

Wow! Impressive!

Miss T said...

Wow! Fabulous job.