Kabul or Bust.

Thank you for all your nice comments about the vest. I really enjoyed knitting it and I was happy that the pattern turned out as well as it did, it's nice when just once, something turns out like you hoped it would without having to rip it back a zillion times. Truly, I believe it was more luck than anything else.
The designer of the vest pattern that I used as my guidelines has set up a donation page for In-Vest for Peace to support Afghans for Afghans, for a donation of $45 or more you can have a canvas tote with the In-Vest in Peace logo. Check it out if you like, here.

I didn't finish it in time to send the vest and socks, ( the second pair were socks that I knit for my son a few years back, but he wouldn't wear them and said he probably never would, so I thought perhaps one of the older Afghan children would get some use of them.) that I knit along with the hats, mittens, socks, and vests knit by the knitters in my knitting group that Sue was sending out.

However, despite being thwarted by Columbus Day and no mail service, I did manage to get it to Afghans for Afghans before their school drive deadline. Scarletknitter in Ravelry left me a message telling me that she believes that she may have unpacked or packed the vest at the distribution center in San Francisco.

There is one other item that went to Kabul that I had a small part in. Stephania from Three Fates sewed together this Lizard Ridge Blanket from donated squares. A4A sent her this and this picture from the distribution center. Can you guess which square I knit?

Stephania working on sewing together the Lizard Ridge Squares on Cinco de Mayo.

Stephanie is currently working on putting together another baby blanket using miters square from the Mason Dixon Knitting book using cascade 220.
If you're interested in sending a square, I'm sure she would appreciate your contribution.
There is a group on Ravelry, Miters for Charity.
What's that you haven't signed up for Ravelry yet? What are you waiting for?

If you're on Ravelry and want to be my friend, find me. I'm in Ravelry as: 4knitsandgiggles
Tune in tomorrow for all out war.

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